Recent Resources

Connecting with People

What is the deeper meaning behind the marketing term, “humanizing your brand?” It means actually being a person in order to make genuine connections.

Building Cumulative Knowledge

Not all of us have time to spare on major educational endeavors. But with modern technology, it is possible to keep learning it bite sizes pieces!


Knowledge changes with time. Sometimes we need to relearn what we thought we knew—and that’s why going back to the basics for a refresher is important.

Make it Special

The true test of photographic skill is to be able to make the extraordinary from the ordinary. Read more about my thoughts on this here.

Maintaining Your Tools

We maintain our equipment, but we sometimes forget about the most important tool of all: Ourselves. Read my thoughts on good health to promote good photography.

What Old Fogies Can Teach the Young

Creaky joints simply won’t carry us as far as they used to, so we spend more time lingering and studying. The young and hasty among us can learn from this!

Starting Small

Big dreams are a wonderful thing—but they risk leaving you feeling overwhelmed, too. Approach big projects carefully to avoid burning yourself out.