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Preserving Photography

Is digital preservation safer than archival prints as a way to keep our photographs for the future? I think so, and there are a couple of good reasons...


Planning is an essential part of the photographer’s routine. But when we can make time for it, experimentation has a lot of benefits to offer us.

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Beautiful Day

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Must Photos Always Be Rectangular?

Why is it that photographs are almost always rectangular, or at the very least, square? Let's explore this convention and see other shapes can be used.

Why Do We Take Photographs?

What are your photographic goals? If you’re having trouble deciding, here are some insights about various goals and what it takes to achieve them!

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The Joy of Photography #2

This fabulous resource is for any budding photographer who wants to be able to take better pictures. It will provide you with endless inspiration for...

The Joy of Photography #5

Taking beautiful photographs is an art and requires plenty of patience, practice and no small amount of skill too.