Category - Photography History

Must Photos Always Be Rectangular?

Why is it that photographs are almost always rectangular, or at the very least, square? Let's explore this convention and see other shapes can be used.


Reminiscing About Film

It doesn't feel like it was very long ago, but film is now considered outdated. Still, it is worthwhile to reminisce about those old, familiar...

The Use of Symbolism in Photography

Symbolism is perhaps the most important way to instill meaning in photographs. Here, I'll discuss historical and modern symbols in fine art of all...

Early Photography and the Elderly

Photography has only been around for about 175 years. In the grand scheme of the human race, that makes it a relatively recent invention. We don’t have...

The History of Macro Photography

How was macro photography developed? It is a genre that is older than you might think, beginning with photomicrography. I have the answers for you...

Why the Pros Shoot in RAW

The JPEG represented a huge leap in technology compared to film. RAW files are another leap – one that professionals were glad to make.