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Tips for Planning a Photography Project

There is a lot of information on how to plan shot lists or choose gear for photography projects, but what about the creative side of planning? Here are some thoughts that may help you!

Working with the Ideas You’ve Already Had

We all have lots of old ideas laying around in the form of handwritten notes or archives. Here are some thoughts that may help you use some of those ideas in your photography.

The Great Artists: Frank Lloyd Wright: The Rookery

The Rookery is one of the most recognizable office buildings in Chicago, and for good reason. It was built in the late 1800’s by a famous architectural firm, and was designed to be visually stunning. It’s lobby was re-designed in 1905 by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Here is what you need to know about Wright and The Rookery.

What is the Value of Prints?

How valuable is the print in today’s world of digital devices and online photo sharing? That is a question that each individual must answer for themselves.

Photography Podcast (#110) How to Have Productive Photo Trips with Your Photographer Friends

Photo trips with friends is a rewarding activity but one that can come with its share of frustrations. On today’s episode, I’ll give you a few tips to plan for your next outing with friends! [smart_track_player url=”; artist=”Will Moneymaker Photography” image=”; social_email=”true” twitter_username=”wmoneymaker” ] Subscribe via:  iTunes  |  RSS  |  YouTube  |  Google Play Show Notes