Ancestral Findings

Category - The Art of Creativity

Literary Conflict as Inspiration

Literary conflict is what makes classic literature stand the test of time, but it can also be applied to photography. Here are some ideas to inspire...

Never Stop Experimenting

Experimentation is vital, it is the reason why we have so many tools at our disposal. I'll show you how that enterprising spirit affects the way we...

Ancestral Findings

The Beauty of Brevity in Photography

Brevity in photography is not something commonly associated with photography, but thinking in terms of streamlining can help you to focus on the things...

Is It Art or Just a Gimmick?

How can one tell the difference between art and work that relies on a gimmick to be noticeable? This isn't always an easy task. Here are my thoughts!

Analyzing the Abstract

Why isn't abstract photography more popular? It's complicated, with many reasons why the genre is maligned. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

What Moves Us to Make Art?

Have you always wondered what motivates people to create art? It would be impossible to list every reason but we will explore some of the most...

An Honest Look at ARAT Photography

Many photographers look down on ARAT photography. On today’s episode, I'll show you why we need to discard the notion that something is too common to...

The Beauty of Abstract Photography

Looking for a new angle or a way to develop your creative eye? Try abstract photography! I'll show you how to create beautiful abstract images.

Photography is Potential

Does every image in a collection of RAW files have the potential to become art? Here are some insights as to how you can make assets realize their...

Revisiting Your Old Work

Your old images - both your archives and your old favorites - are a window into your past. Revisit those old images to learn something new about your...

Developing Your Photographic Style

Some photographers struggle when it comes to defining their personal style. Learn what style is and what it is not to understand how your style makes.