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The Joy of Photography, Volume 1 (Free eBook)

Taking a great photograph is something that many of us would love to be able to do. Courses designed to show you the best ways of mastering the techniques involved are a great way to learn, but they can be time-consuming and expensive.

The Joy of Photography, Volume 1 includes thirty chapters and here are a few.

  • Apertures and getting the hang of them
  • Tips for vacations
  • Composition
  • Respecting culture
  • Learning to balance exposure with ISO
  • Building interest in your images
  • Developing your own photographic style
  • 8 Tips for Taking Great Wildlife Images at the Zoo

And with a background to the history of digital photography, making the most of the diorama effect and backup options to make sure that your precious images are retained and saved this is the perfect book for beginners and those who may need some additional help.

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