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The Joy of Photography, Volume 2 (Free eBook)

The Joy of Photography, #2 — Free eBookTaking the perfect picture and learning the basics of fine art photography, in a way that will give you the most control of the subject, are all vital components of camera work. Now you can take perfect photographs every time you press the button, with The Joy of Photography, Volume 2.

Within the thirty chapters of this ebook you will learn how best to operate your camera to its optimum efficiency as well as how to think and work like an artist, with lots of tips and advice on aspects of photography which include;

  • Cutting out the cliché photographs
  • An introduction to photographing the night sky
  • Portraying raw emotion: A lesson from Helen Levitt
  • Improving your skills with a Photo-A-Day project
  • 3 essential principles of color photography
  • 7 tips for your next autumn portrait session
  • 4 ways to create a powerful portfolio

The Joy of Photography, Volume 2 is a fabulous resource for any budding photographer who wants to be able to take better pictures. It will provide you with endless inspiration for your own projects.

Get this free 162-page ebook. I’ve set a minimum contribution to FREE and you’re welcome to give a donation of any amount. Thank you so much!

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