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Looking in the Mirror

Photography is really a way of projecting our personal perspectives onto the world. That’s what makes each image from every photographer unique.

Training Your Brain

Brain training is a popular fad nowadays, and there are ways to train your creative brain, too! It’s all about activating the brain’s reticular...

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Under the Gondola

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Paul Caponigro

Paul Caponigro is one of the top masters of landscape photography in the world. Starting out as a hobbyist as a teenager, he moved to professional...

Colin Fletcher

Colin Fletcher was the founding father of the modern backpacking movement. He was the first known person to go solo into the wilderness for long...

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A Guide to Real Estate Photography

Are you interested in making extra money taking fantastic Real Estate photographs? Perhaps you are selling your own house and want to show it off at...

The Joy of Photography #5

Taking beautiful photographs is an art and requires plenty of patience, practice and no small amount of skill too.