Recent Resources

Photographing Textures

Texture is an easy thing to overlook in many photographs, but they can make or break an image. Here are my thoughts on how to look at texture.


Goals are the guideposts that take us along our photographic journey. Let me show you how setting objectives for yourself helps you achieve mastery.

The Creative’s Guilt

Sometimes the guilt of not creating leads us to avoid creative activities just so that we can avoid the guilt. Set that guilt aside and get back to work!

One Step at a Time

Big projects can be incredibly intimidating. It becomes hard to see a path to completion. That’s when you need to break it down into manageable chunks.

What is the Next Revolution?

What form will the next revolution in photography take? I don’t think it will be the tools. I think it will be the art itself. Here are my thoughts.

When is the Next Revolution?

Photography seems to go through revolutions every few decades as new things emerge to shake up the way we do things. When is that next revolution coming?