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Teaching Children the Wonders of Photography

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Photography is a fascinating hobby that can be started at an early age. There are no limits, other than the ability to hold and aim a camera at a subject and press the button. And from this small beginning, children can learn and experience a whole new world of wonder and excitement.

Now you can help your child to understand all the aspects of this amazing hobby through Teaching Children the Wonders of Photography, which contains chapters which includes:

  • Showing children how the basics
  • Encouraging them to take lots of photos
  • The basics of composure
  • Using lighting
  • Shutter speeds, aperture, and ISO
  • Learning to be a comfortable photographer
  • And much more…

Whether you are teaching your own child or whether you are a volunteer who works with groups of children, teaching them about photography is a wonderful way to interact and spend time together.

And with Teaching Children the Wonders of Photography you have an ebook which is suitable for complete beginners who have never held a camera before.

Get your free copy now and start sharing your knowledge with the next generation of budding photographers.

About the author

Will Moneymaker

Will is a photographer and his love of the arts have always been a part of his life. Join Will as he shares his thoughts and adventures in the art of photography.