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The Joy of Photography, Volume 5 (Free eBook)

The Joy of Photography, Volume 5

Do you love getting out and about and take pictures with your camera?  Is your hobby something you would like to develop and perfect?

Taking beautiful photographs is an art and requires plenty of patience, practice and no small amount of skill too. Getting the lighting just right and framing your subject properly are a small part of this and with The Joy of Photography, Volume 5, you have another great book in this amazing series to help you every step of the way.

With 25 chapters you can learn all about:

  • How to create beautiful architectural photography
  • Advanced concepts in landscape photography
  • Creating and using sky overlays
  • Understanding the human eye
  • Determination is the key
  • A brief history of neon lighting
  • Analyzing the abstract
  • And a whole lot more…

The Joy of Photography, Volume 5 is completely FREE to you today, although you are welcome to leave a small donation of any amount to help with future projects.

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